About TAB.

The TAB application enables us to give people on all income levels the means to build a real property portfolio with real returns on investment, through the power of fractionalised asset ownership.

By breaking down real properties, we want to open up the investment space to the masses and enabling everyone to own little bits of the world around them, without having to negotiate loans, mortgages and debt.

TAB is about trust, transparency and ultimately us delivering value directly back to you.

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Funding Quality Properties

Funding Quality Properties

TAB users fund the purchase of properties, from corner shops to apartment blocks to skyscrapers.

Diverse Marketplace

Diverse Marketplace

The marketplace allows you to buy and sell fractions of real property that will produce income from day one.

Transparent Analysis

Transparent Analysis

We’ll give you a detailed overview of your portfolio’s performance and your cash out values.

No Hidden Costs

No Hidden Costs

TAB charges one flat fee on purchase, with property returns covering the management costs.

Topnotch Technology

Topnotch Technology

We’re developing an amazing app that will fast forward property investments to the digital age.

Social Investment

Social Investment

Anyone can invest as an individual or a group. Leading investors are joined by beginners in various property acquisitions.

The New Way for Propery Investment

Simple, Quick, Lucrative



What people are saying

With a small amount of money you can be a property investor – by buying a small share of a jointly owned property – or as a large investor you can spread a lump sum around several properties for good diversification. And most attractive of all – you can get in or out of the investment quickly and cheaply! Great idea, looking forward to investing.

Steve kent, London, England

Tab – dreams of being a property investor – just a few clicks away! What a brilliant idea… as little as 1k capital needed – even less than the fees you spend with a mortgage broker! Start young and build an empire! No headache/hassle property ownership – tell me a better idea! Spread your money amongst multiple properties – chop and change as you please – headache and hassle free – makes me wonder why I didn’t think of this app! I’m in for sure! Can’t wait for it to launch…

Tejan K Bhatt, Charlotte, North Carolina, US

I am extremely excited to be able to start finally using the app. Having spoken with Duncan about this for some time and seeing first hand the process from idea to fully fledged working app is truly amazing and a testament to his commitment and hard work to see this through. I am excited about being able to buy property quickly and efficiently, mitigating lost time and thousands of pounds in legal and mortgage fees. I am also extremely pleased that I will then be able trade my investments with others on the app quickly if I wish to purchase another deal or feel it’s best to sit in cash. Being able to invest with hundreds instead of hundreds of thousands into property will change the investment property landscape forever.

Chris Ball, Abu Dhabi, UAE

This app is set to change the way that we invest in and hold real estate investments forever.  I for one cannot wait to get going!

Sam Leach, London, England

Who Are We

About TAB.

TAB was started by Duncan Kreeger and his team in 2018 because he wanted to give people more options in the UK property finance sector. His track record speaks for itself, having processed over £2.5bn of loans with full repayment to investors with his previous company West One Loans, with no loss of capital in his time.

He created the TAB application to enable us to give people on all income levels the means to build a real property portfolio with real returns on investment, through the power of fractionalised asset ownership.

Skills We Use

Real Estate Brokerage 95%
Market Analysis 89%
Bridging loans 97%
Block Management 90%

Team Members

Duncan Kreeger

Founder and CEO

Mathura Paramjorthy

COO & General Legal Counsel

Chris Ball

Non exec-director

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